Nicosia, Cyprus


ARISTA DEKA LIMITED is a small-medium enterprise in the Republic of Cyprus. ARISTA DEKA was founded in Nicosia in February 2019. 

ARISTA DEKA is an expression in Greek indicating Excellence.

There was a time when a perfect ten in any field ranging from gymnastics to education to business was thought to be unattainable.

In ARISTA DEKA, we believe that excellence IS possible despite or because of how hard it is to be achieved.

Excellence is the quality of being truly the best at something.

The Baldrige model inspires the excellence model we follow, and it focuses on five elements:

(1) Leadership
(2) Strategic Planning
(3) Focus on the needs of our clients, our partners, and the society
(4) Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
(5) Process Management

The purpose of ARISTA DEKA LTD is to provide services of the highest quality to local and international clients, partners, and the society we live in. Our activities include: 

Education and Research. In 2019, we conducted the following research studies among young people not in education, employment, or training (NEET):

(A) Research Survey to assess the level of key competences of the end beneficiaries and their needs for Entrepreneurship Education and Start-up support, and (B) Desk Research at country level to identify market needs on job profiles, skills and attitudes (C) Research Survey to assess the needs of NEETs in terms of competences and services. The research was commissioned in the framework of the EEA & Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. 

European Programmes
We are supporting our clients to prepare proposals for funding and to manage projects funded by the European Commission. 

Moreover, we are joining international projects as partners. 

Vocational guidance services to students and the unemployed
We are offering guidance and orientation in career management. 

Event organisation
Organisation of events, scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions, screenings, seminars in the framework of the company’s activities and on behalf of other authorities, organizations, companies, associations and individuals. As an example, in June 2019, we have organised at the EU House (the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus) an international conference with participation of delegates from 8 countries for our partner’s project with the support of the EEA & Norway Grants.

Publicity and dissemination of projects for clients such as organisations, companies, associations and individuals. We are supporting our partners in the visibility, dissemination, and exploitation of project results so as to maximise the impact of their projects. 

Initiatives for the protection, sustainable management and exploitation of the natural environment and educational, information and awareness raising activities for all ages and especially for the young people in those topics.

Social support
Projects and initiatives to assist sections of the population in need of humanitarian or other assistance.