Nicosia, Cyprus

Cooperation Partnership CREATIVE AGENTS

CREATIVE AGENTS – Connecting the Creative and Cultural Industries with Sustainable Development


The Project CREATIVE AGENTS aims to support VET providers to adapt their training into the needs in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) sector by creating a new job profile, the Creative Agent, who will encompass entrepreneurial spirit, digital know-how and a green approach to their practice. Creative Agents will be capable of creating synergies among different economic sectors and will be able to strongly communicate and cooperative with local communities and actors. With online training to be widely used as the chosen work-based training medium, the project aims at making the training offer of VET providers more relevant to the current and future needs of the economy and society.



The key objective of the project is to provide the professionals or future professionals in the Creative and Cultural Sectors (CCS) with the necessary creative, green and digital skills to develop alternative sustainable practices that adapt to the needs of the CCI sector and promote the cross-fertilization of arts, culture and sustainability. The project builds on sustainable alternatives to training a new professional figure capable of:

  1. Put in practice new innovative solutions and sustainable alternatives;
  2. Work with new partners at the community level to increase the participation of local stakeholders;
  3. Adopt smart digital distribution formats;
  4. Collaborate with the CCS practitioners to create joint actions and movements at the local level;
  5. Contribute to the well-being of citizens, social innovation and cohesion.

Remaining aligned to the UNCTAD objectives the project aims to:

  • Integrate CCS in the post-pandemic economic growth strategies increasing the professionalisation and employability of Creative Agents;
  • Promote the creation of decent jobs by accelerating the training in sustainable cultural and creative tourism, arts, heritage conservation and community-based activities;
  • Contribute to the creation of a knowledge-based creative economy in which human creativity and ideas are vehiculated through technology, collective expressions and the respect of the cultural values and diversity of the communities;
  • Reinforce the interaction between CCS and sustainable development by creating enabling environments for green growth, innovation and community empowerment.


Project Results


The project will produce the following Project Results:

  1. Occupational Profile of Creative Agents: The first result will include the development of an Occupational Profile of Creative Agents.
  2. Toolbox for Cultural Economy Labs: The result will be a toolbox that project targets, creative sector or actors involved in social innovation/economy, will use in order to plan, organize, deliver and monitor (the impact) the Cultural Economy Labs.
  3. Creative Agents e-learning platform & Deus Platform community of users: Partners aim to convert this training program into an e-learning platform. It will also include a set of questions and answers to perform the self-assessment. All material can be found on the electronic platform.




SEAL CYPRUS – Cyprus – coordinator

Arista Deka – Cyprus




The project is co-funded by the EU Programme Erasmus+
Project Reference: 2021-1-CY01-KA220-VET-000033339
Start: 31-01-2022 - End: 30-05-2024
Key Action: Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training